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Overland - The Gods + new Cantrip

In this post for Overland, I want to show off the gods.  I originally intended to have 15 deities plus Xenia, but some minor gods got onto the list/

The Eight Above, The Seven Below, and other deities of Dukvarrino

Color & Ring
Special Cantrips*

The Eight Above

Ariel, god of air
Life, Nature, Tempest
Green, Outer
gust EEPC, thunderclap EEPC

Bridein,* god of light
Life, Light
White, Inner
light, sacred flame

Fhrait, god of water
Nature, Tempest
Blue, Outer
acid splash, shape water EEPC

Illyria, goddess of earth
Life, Nature
Orange or Brown, Outer
mold earth EEPC, shocking grasp

Ixzit,* god of fire (deceased)
Light, War
Red, Outer
control flames EEPC, produce flame

Lareun, goddess of darkness
Death,* Life, Trickery
Black, Inner
chill touch, frostbite EEPC

Kazarat, goddess of chaos
Trickery, War
Purple, Inner
prestidigitation, vicious mockery

Stragat, god of law
Death, War
Grey or Yellow, Inner
pacifying field (pg 10), true strike

The Seven Below

He Who Builds
Death, War

He Who Gives
Knowledge, Trickery

He Who Lives
Death, Life

He Who Loves
Tempest, Trickery

He Who Stands
Life, Nature

He Who Unites
Tempest, Trickery, War

He Who Walks Behind
Light, Trickery, War

Holy Symbols

Minor Gods

Fenris, The Wolf
Nature, Tempest
A white wolf's head outlined in green

Krathis, The Mad Devourer
Light, War
A human skull with two metal spikes in the eyes

Tam Lin, The Trickster
A spiral

Xenia, Hospitality
A wine glass with purple liquid

Holy Symbols: The Eight Above use the double ring. Each pyre city has their own variant on the double ring, but they all work as holy symbols. Some holy symbols are marked for one or more of the Eight Above. The design is symmetric (in other words, you cannot hold the holy symbol backwards or upside down, though some clerics prefer to hold the holy symbol so their deity is towards the top. There is, however, a specific order in which the deities' marks must be placed)

Holy Symbol of
Mordat, marked
Holy Symbol of
Mordat, unmarked

Special Cantrips: Clerics of the deity can choose one of the cantrips as a bonus cantrip. The cleric can choose the other cantrip as one of their cleric cantrips later on. A paladin of a deity, after taking the oath of devotion, can also take one of the cantrips as a bonus paladin cantrip. A cleric/paladin can only have one bonus cantrip.

Bridein: Pronounced Brid-ee-in.

Ixzit: Followers of Ixzit have a special glove that acts as their holy symbol. The glove becomes and stays dry within the pyre city. If the cleric or paladin gets the glove wet, cleric and paladin spells of 1st level or higher require you to expend another spell slot or fail. If you spend a spell slot of 2nd level or higher to pay this cost, you regain a spell slot of one level lower. You pay the spell slots at the same time, so if all you have is a 2nd-level spell slot, you can use it to cast a 1st-level spell at 1st level (you lose one level, leaving a 1st-level slot to cast the spell).

Lareun (Death Domain): Lareun is a goddess of rest. She sees undead as being awakened against their will, and wants them destroyed so the bodies can be at peace. Her clerics follow this example, and Lareun grants them a different spell.

Death Clerics of Lareun replace animate dead with speak with dead as one of the domain spells at 5th level.

Krathis: The blind destroyer’s worshipers have an odd splinter group. There’s a group of Chaotic Neutral clerics that blame all of their problems on the goddess. Oddly, this group, without a drop of evil, gain divine spells just like any other deity-worshipping class. No one knows if the splinter group has enough belief to gain spells without Krathis or if the goddess is so insane that she can’t tell the splinter group isn’t made of genuine believers.

Pacifying Field
Evocation cantrip

Casting Time
: 1 action
: 60 feet
: V, S
: 1 round

You create a field of force around a creature. That creature must make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save, the creature takes 1d4 force damage, as the field tries to tighten around the creature.

Whether the target succeeded or failed the saving throw, the field persists for a round. When the target makes its next weapon attack before the end of your next turn, roll 1d6 and subtract that number from any bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage the target deals with its attack. The field then dissipates. 

The spell's damage increases by 1d4, and the dice used to subtract damage increases by 1d6, at 5th level (2d4/2d6), 11th level (3d4/3d6) and 17th level (4d4/4d6).

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