1. I'm not a Big Name Game Designer or Big Name Scenario Writer. I hope to be, but there's a lot of work climbing up that mountain. My ideas are going to run through revisions and changes. I'm not going to delete or majorly change old articles, as to me, that feels like revising history. Instead, I will revisit ideas in new posts and add links to updated game options.

2. One of my potential regular articles will be voicing my own opinion on other crunch articles, and I've already got drafts of articles on Unearthed Arcana articles. Yes, the playtest / first-draft articles on the main D&D site. Considering those can be such easy targets, I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't leave myself open to the same level of criticism. So if you don't like some detail, comment.

In writing, if someone who read your work says a specific thing feels off, they are usually right. If they tell you how to fix it, they are usually wrong (unless they have some obvious expertise that you don't).

3. My home connection to the internet isn't the best. I tend to go to the library with my laptop. This means that there'll be a delay between some comment and my response. I'll try to hurry the process but I can't get better internet right now, so please be patient.

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